About us

SOFF CRICKET FACILITY is conveniently located less than 3 minutes south of HWY 401 / Dixie. We are proud to be the Premier Indoor Cricket Facility serving the cricketing community in Greater Toronto Area, where the largest number of hardball cricketers can be found in one locality throughout North America.

When the SOFF facility was opened in 2013, we pushed the benchmark for indoor facilities to a new height. Since then, we have been adding more services every day making SOFF one step closer to become a "COMPLETE" facility.

One must not be surprised of our higher rates compared to the industry average. With our push to improve the quality everyday, we find more cricketers and clubs realizing the value of having a facility like SOFF and being able to have a proper practice session. On the other hand, we are also pleased to make lower rates available through certain membership packages for certain services, during off peak hours for those who wants to keep costs lower.

If you value your time and quality of what you get, SOFF is the place to go.

IMPORTANT: We expect our customers to be respectful towards the systems and procedures in place to maintain a respectful environment and running a smooth operation.

Thank you.
The Management.