Bat Knocking Service

Every cricketer loves to score runs and having a proper bat is key to every batsman. Getting your bat knocked properly is important from both from playing point of view and also from ability to use it for a longer period. With SOFF adding bat knocking service using machine, you can get your bat properly knocked and without having to wait for many days .

Important points:

  • Cost to get one bat knocked in. (with our without oiling): - $35.

  • Time to knock a bat without oiling: - 30 minutes, if the machine is available.

  • Time to knock a bat with oiling the bat - Two full days.

  • Cost to get two or more bats knocked in. (with our without oiling) - $30 per bat.

  • Promotional deal - Get the bowling machine for $30 per hour, when you make the payment for the bowling machine on the same day you pick up the knocked bat.