Cricket Uniforms:

Our expertise is on supplying READY-MADE uniforms and uniforms for URGENT NEEDS. We have a unique approach in supplying uniforms where we can provide quality at a reasonable price plus a range of other added values.

Below are some highlights of our solution:

  • A wide range of designs for you to choose from.

  • Uniform sets will be readily available in stock for most of the designs. So, you can have them whenever you need. (You dont need to make the order many weeks in advance)

  • We will have uniforms stocks for most of the designs for a long time. So you dont need to order extra uniform sets for potential new players in the future. Whenever you need, you can even buy just one pant or just one short).

  • If required, you can purchase only a set of shirts or only a set of pants.

  • Same uniform design will be available in different qualities of material at different prices.

  • Shirts of the same design will be available with short sleeves or long sleeves and also either with buttons or zippers.

  • Pants will be available in few different lengths for each pant size. Also there will be a free length pant for each size.

  • Your club logo, name and player name can be printed before shipping if required at an additional cost.

  • Overnight shipping can be arranged to anywhere in United States or Canada if no extra work needed.

  • Our online shopping cart will be available soon with all the uniform designs included.
Our solution will take the headache of getting uniforms done completely out of you. So, next time you have a requirement for uniforms, make sure you talk to us to find more information.