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Can you play indoor cricket games at the facility?

Yes! You can combine two lanes to form a playing area of 130ft by 26ft which you can use to play a game of indoor cricket

Do you have cricket gear for rent?

Yes we do. Protection equipment costs $10/session and bats cost $10/session as well. The protection equipment consists of a pair of pads, thigh guard, chest guard, gloves, and helmet. Please note that an abdominal guard is not provided.

Is the SOFF facility only for cricket?

No, it can be used for baseball practice, field hockey, and many more. Contact us for more information.

If we rent the bowling machine, do we have to rent the lane as well?

 No, the lane is included in the price.

What can the bowling machine do?

The bowling machine allows you to change the line, length, speed, and even swing to get the perfect type of bowl that you want to practice against.

How fast does the bowling machine go up to?

  • Automatic – 120 km/h
  • Manual – 160 km/h

Do I need a feeder for the bowling machine?

The automatic machine does not require any feeders. However, the manual machine does require someone to feed the balls into the machine. The manual machine is only suitable for those in groups of two or larger as SOFF staff do not feed balls into the machine.

I want to play cricket but I am an individual, what are my options?

  • Automatic bowling machine: automatic machine does not require a feeder, so you can play as a single player
  • Drop in practice – link to page
  • Club practice – more info to come

Do you sell cricket equipment?

Yes, we do! We have a large variety of cricket gear and equipment from cricket bats, shoes, helmets, bags, etc. We carry brands such as SS, SG, CA, GM, Kookaburra and more!

Do you offer bat knocking?

Yes, we do! Please visit our services page page to learn more about our bat knocking services.

What balls are used on the bowling machines?

We use dimple balls for our bowling machines. They are made specifically for our automatic and manual machines. They behave very similar to leather balls; we highly recommend wearing protective equipment.

What is your booking process?

  • Step 1: Call or message SOFF Cricket to begin your booking and have the following pieces of information in mind: date, time, and service
  • Step 2: Depending on the time of your booking, payment in advance will be required to confirm your spot. For bookings that fall into this category (peak hours, late night, or large bookings), we will ask you to complete your payment in advance to confirm your booking. Payments that are not completed in advance to your session will risk loss of session.

Do you have a Return / Cancellation policy?

Yes, you can see our return / cancellation policy here.