Lane Dimensions

Quick Notes on Lane Rentals

  • Dimensions: regular lane 110 ft by 13ft x 2, long lane 130ft by 13ft x 2
  • Can be used for cricket or baseball, if there is any other use, call and let us know
  • Weekly rentals available, contact us for permanent bookings
  • Add bowling machine to a long lane for additional cost of $15/hour
  • Lanes are a great option for friend hangs

At SOFF Cricket, we offer four lane rentals for individuals and groups! There are two types of lanes, regular sized lanes and long sized lanes. We have two regular lanes which are 110ft long and 13ft wide and two long lanes which are 130ft long and 13ft wide. Please consult the diagram below for further clarification.

Lanes can be rented for $60/hr plus tax. For extra batting practice, you can add manual bowling machines to the long lanes at an additional cost of $10/hr.

We also offer Lane rentals on a weekly basis for groups who want a set timeslot! Come enjoy a practice session with your team, combine the lanes in order to play a game of indoor cricket, or if you have any other use for the space, such as permanent bookings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.